About Me

hubrechtMy name is Hubrecht Eversdijk, and I was born 29 years ago in the beautiful province of Zeeland, in The Netherlands. After a carefree youth full of finger painting and enjoying the smell of fresh grass at the local soccer team I started playing in bands when I was fifteen.

Those bands all wanted their own website, posters and flyers for the upcoming shows, and needed artwork for their first demos. So I sat down behind my parents’ old 486 computer and started working on it. And never stopped. Fifteen years later, after working for a lot of different clients and studying Communication & Multimedia Design nothing has really changed. I’m still designing and developing all kinds of media and enjoying it.

I take photographs, shoot videos, build websites, and design other printed and digital media.

Want me to shoot, design, build or come up with new ideas for you, your company, band or brand?
Don’t hesitate to send me a message!